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If you have faulty, damaged or blown speakers, the team offer a repair service that can help you if you are. The speaker repairs are fast and cost-effective.

Collection and delivery for speaker repairs.

DJ Speaker Repairs

Speaker repairs by experienced technicians. Speaker repair covers most brands and models.

High quality parts and tools utilised for DJ speaker repair by a collection and delivery service.

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If you are looking to get speaker repairs then the team have a solution for you.

You can either phone the team to book the speaker repair or alternatively you can fill out the enquiry form. No obligation quotes for DJ speaker repair will be provided by email or phone. | Speaker Repairs

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If you have a question about Speaker Repairs, look no further. We post all common questions on Speaker Repairs here.

Will speaker repairs come with a warranty?

Yes DJ speaker repairs come with a warranty covering the parts replaced. This gives you reassurance that the repair will be completed to a high standard.

How much will speaker repair cost?

The price of speaker repairs is subject to the brand, model, availability of spare parts and the type of problem you are having with your speakers.

No obligation quotes for speaker repair are provided upon your initial enquiry.

Can the team repair blown speakers?

Yes the team is able to repair blown speakers using high quality replacement parts.

For further information please describe the damage alongside the brand and model known for a quick response back.

Speaker Repair

Speaker Repair

High quality speaker repairs for concert and studio models.

Blown speakers and subwoofers are frustrating for nightclub owners, event production companies and DJs. Wouldn't you rather have your speakers repaired by a professional, instead of purchasing an expensive replacement? The team offer quick turnaround times for speaker repairs at a competitive cost.

Call the repair centre for speaker repairs they will help you with your speaker problems. Alternatively just complete the online form for a prompt response to your enquiry via phone or email.

DJ Speaker Repairs

The team offer fast and reliable DJ speaker repairs. This service is provided by professionals who have access to the high quality parts and tools needed for a long lasting and reliable repair.

Without your speakers you will not be able to use the rest of your DJ equipment which can be very frustrating. Your speakers may have blown or just become faulty over time. The technicians can quickly repair your speakers to a working condition again.

DJ speaker repairs cover a number of faults including:

• Faulty cabling
• Distorted sound coming from speakers
• Cracking or popping noise coming from speakers
• Speakers keep cutting out
• Blown speakers
• Not turning on
• Faulty input jacks

Most other problems with DJ speakers can be repaired at a competitive cost. When you have spent hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on a professional pair of speakers, a repair is often possible and affordable.

The team repair all makes and models of professional speakers if they are active or non-active. Subwoofers are also covered by this professional service. The team may need to replace parts or components inside your speakers if something is damaged or burnt out. They can repair and replace most components found inside your speakers.

Some of the main speaker brands that the team have repaired are Yamaha, Mackie, JBL, FBT, Alesis, American Audio, Behringer, Cerwin Vega, Intimidation, Kam, Korg and KRK. DJ speaker repairs include a convenient collection and delivery service from any UK mainland address as well.

For DJ speaker repairs by professionals, just call the independent repair centre during business hours. Alternatively you can complete the online form provided on this website.